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Día de los Muertos 2016

  • Casa Frameworks:
    Actividad - Día de los muertos

    Actividad con enlaces, Worksheet (HTML) & Worksheet (PDF)
    Tweaked for Day of the Dead 2013 and featuring authentic video links.  This worksheet is designed to be printed as a blank page that students use to guide their exploration.
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    Actividades en clase: Graffiti Brainstorm

    Students begin with a graffiti brainstorm (writing English and Spanish words or drawing pictures on large sheets of paper.)  Students consider what they associate (see, smell, touch, taste) with Halloween and with Memorial Day.  As we process this discussion over the coming week, we use these overheads to shape the conversation: Venn 1, Venn 2, Influences.  
  • Casa Frameworks:  
    Actividades en clase: Sugar Skulls

    Although it has been a while since I've made them for my own students - sadly - you can make a small version to decorate and eat in class. The recipe comes from my talented friends Betsy and Val.  I actually mostly do Posada-inspired chocolate these days.  
  • Casa Frameworks:
    Actividades en clase: Final Project
    This is the final project (2006) that my students do. I have revised it substantially since the 1998 version.  It is based on the National Standards and has a more thoughtful rubric. 

    En Clase

  • Enlaces
    A collection of links to interesting Day of the Dead sites. This is designed for more open browsing.
Please send me any comments or suggestions. I'm always interested in feedback from teachers and students.
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