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Cultural Connections – French

A word of clarification... One of the primary reasons that I use the authentic websites that are located in the thematic links is because there are a myriad of implicit cultural observations and connections to be made using those websites; cultural connections abound in the thematic links.  This new category is designed primarily for activities and links with cultural content that doesn't fit those themes, for example holidays and traditions.

Casa Frameworks: L'épiphanie en France
2 day activity including class discussion
This is a guided exploration of the French holiday of Epiphany.
• Please download the companion worksheet which includes websites.

Christmas in France/Canada
Compares and contrasts traditions. Great information.

Noël et les fêtes 2006 - Canoë
This Christmas site has a wealth of information including songs with lyrics and sound files, recipes and more.
Thanks to Maria Kourouvasilis for this great link

Hannukah Traditions: Dreidel
Here are two links that explain the Dreidel game in French: le jeu & l'histoire.

Dr. Martin Luther King
Here are two links that would be useful in celebrating the contributions of Dr. King.  The French isn't flawless, but it's good:  Biographie & "J'ai un rêve."   Since the "I Have a Dream" speech has complex content in English, listening to it and discussing it may be useful before diving into the French.  You can do that here.

Le Ministère de la Culture
This is an extraordinary site which the French government designed. It includes the phenomenal Cave Paintings of Ardèche.

Please note: There is a large collection of fine art links in Art Resources

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