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Restaurants – French

Please note: Information on food, groceries and nutrition appears on the Food page.

Casa Frameworks:
1 day activity including class discussion
Students spend the afternoon at the Café Deux Magots where they order refreshments and tabulate prices.
• Please download the companion worksheet which includes websites.

Le Mercière
This is a particularly lovely site. You are greeted by a Real Audio interview from "Le Chef au Piano." The restaurant showcases its specialties with beautiful photographs and also includes menus with prices, selected recipes and a reservation form.

Les Deux Magots
This famous Parisian cafe has a downloadable menu.  While there is some English afoot, it's worth working around it.  (This site is the basis for the above activity.)

Restaurant Les Terrasses de Saint Rome
This restaurant site features menus, a la carte items and a wine list - all with price information. There is also a reservation page. (Few photos with menus)

Lest anyone think all fast food in France is elegant... The site features a Shockwave Flash TV show which uses sound effects and French text (surreal and entertaining). There are also games, commercials and information on restaurants. You can download a .pdf file of the nutritional table for discussion.

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