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House & Home – French

Se Loger
This real estate themed portal is well designed but has lost some of its charm.  You can still search for real estate listings and generally find descriptions, photos and price information. 

Meubles Carrefour
This furniture site from Carrefour includes a diverse selection of products with photos and price information.

Destock Meubles
The site for this French furniture store has a broad catalog with nice pictures and price information.  The calculator feature shows different prices by which payment plan you choose.  (Extra math lesson anyone?)

Boostore/Multimedia Carrefour
The multimedia shop includes everything from TVs to Gameboys; all the necessities for home.

3 Suisses: le Chouchou
This French department store includes a variety of useful links. For housewares, check out maison déco.
Thanks to Maria Kourouvasilis for this link.

Mr. Good Deal
I'm not making this site up and it is in French. Actually, the descriptions accompanying most products are excellent and also include price information. More good things for the home.

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