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A word of clarification...  I think there is a great amount of learning that can be done via these links and there are rich opportunities for interdisciplinary connections on many of these sites.  My reason for parking them in this category is that I've yet to design activities to exploit the specific content here.  Meanwhile, they are entertaining to peruse just for fun.

Exploratorium: French
The Exploratorium is an interactive site with a focus on science. They have recently made their online explorations available in other languages. You'll find puzzles and optical illusions with French instructions and explanations. 

Musée d' Orsay  
The website for the Musée d'Orsay includes games based on art themes.  Click on the letters beside the topics to enter the activities.
This greeting card site is especially nice since it goes beyond the standard Yahoo cards. You'll find cards based on verses from French poetry, and not just Monsieur Hallmark.
Thanks to Maria Kourouvasilis for this great link

Cartoon Network: France
This game loaded site is fun to explore.

Chroma: Le dictionnaire des noms de couleurs.
This site is not just for learning the colors of the rainbow.  "Ce dictionnaire thématique a pour objectif de regrouper les noms de la langue française utilisés pour désigner une couleur, une teinte, une nuance."  Their slogan is: "16 millions de couleurs, mais lesquelles??"

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