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Cultural Connections – Spanish

A word of clarification... One of the primary reasons that I use the authentic websites that are located in the thematic links is because there are a myriad of implicit cultural observations and connections to be made using those websites; cultural connections abound in the thematic links.  This new category is designed primarily for activities and links with cultural content that doesn't fit those themes, for example holidays and traditions.

Casa Frameworks: Día de los Muertos
Please note: These links are updated each October.
This page includes the Día de los muertos Internet activity that I designed.  You will also find ideas for companion lessons and a final project with a grading rubric based on the ACTFL standards.

Dr. Martin Luther King
Here are two links that would be useful in celebrating the contributions of Dr. King.  The Spanish isn't flawless, but it's good:  Biografía &"Tengo un sueño."  Since the "I Have a Dream" speech has complex content in English, listening to it and discussing it may be useful before diving into the Spanish.  You can do that here.

Exploratorium: The Story of Chocolate 
This English-language site details the history of chocolate.  In doing so, they tell the history of the interplay between Europe and the Americas, the indigenous people and the Spanish.

Latin American Resource Center at Tulane University
Tulane University offers a lending library of books, kits, videos, manipulatives that are loaned for FREE to educators. (You are required to pay for the postage to return the materials). Go to the Outreach or Lending Library link for more details.
Thanks to Cindy Kendall for this great link.

México para Niños
Adorable site that also contains an incredible amount of information (history & government) in addition to games and customizable cards.

The Barking Mouse  
This charming bilingual story tells the value of learning another language.

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