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Casa Frameworks: Preparamos una fiesta
1 day activity
Students shop in Mexico to plan a fiesta. 
• Please download the companion worksheet which includes websites.

Please note:
I added new links below to replace dead links in this activity.  The worksheet has not been updated yet.

Le Bouquet   
These three sites features shops in Mexico with items related to parties.  (This site is used in the above activity.)

Flores & Regalos Cool  
A resource in Mexico for flowers and balloons.  Prices included.  (The regalos section is currently under construction.)

El Globo: El Arte de la Repostería  
This historic bakery in Mexico features cakes for a variety of occasions.  Prices included.

Correos y Telégrafos
This postal site from Spain is very rich.

Policía Federal Argentina
This site has been jazzed up quite a bit.  The information centers on police-related programs but exploring links like Educación Vial can be surprisingly fun. (Go to Servicios a la Comunidad - Servicios Infomativos.)

Museo Virtual de Arte - El País
Exceptionally cool virtual museum that you actually navigate in quasi-3D. Each artwork is described in detail.
Please note: There are more art museums on the Art Resources page.

Quijote Supermercados Argentina
Each location has a nice ofertas/promociones section with pictures and prices.
Please note: There are more food links on the Food page.

El Corte Inglés
This department store site is very, very rich and useful for a variety of activities.

Zoológico Guadalajara  
This rich zoo site is both colorful and musical.  Lots of resources for a virtual visit, including prices and maps and an online tour of attractions.  You'll also find a monthly newsletter with recent births, etc.  (The main menu is a pop-up so you'll have to temporarily enable pop-ups if your browser blocks them; this usually requires a simple click.)

Museo de los Niños Abasto  
This very elaborate website will make you jealous that you can't get to the museum yourself.  Fortunately, there are great online images, educational games, and a virtual tour.

Cinemark changed its interface so it's now English and you have to pick a region or country.  I prefer to directly link when I use sites with students, e.g. Argentina , Centroamérica , Ecuador or Perú. It is worth poking around as content varies from site to site.  Some have trailers, others snack information, etc.
Please note:
There are more movie-related links on the Movie page.

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