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Food – Spanish

Please note: Information on restaurants appears on the Restaurants page.

Casa Frameworks: Exploramos el supermercado
1 day activity
Students explore a supermarket, including what's on special this week.
• Please download the companion worksheet which includes websites.

Casa Frameworks: Vamos de compras
1 day activity
Students shop for produce online in Spain. 
• Please download the companion worksheet which includes websites.

Fruta Online
Well-designed produce site out of Spain with comprehensive pictures and price information. (This site is used in the above activity.) 

Quijote Supermercados Argentina
Each location has a nice ofertas/promociones section with pictures and prices. (This site is used in the above activity.)

Carrefour: Alimentación
Another really nice food option.  You'll need to grab a postal code to get going. (Try the post office or you can just use Madrid: 28760) and then enter as a guest.  It's worth a bit of navigating.

Created by the Feds, this is a very rich site dealing with nutrition using the Food Pyramid.  The resources are excellent, including a video in Spanish that explains the Food Pyramid and downloadable worksheets/food journals.

Supermercados Grande  
This website disappeared for a while but it back now with nice additions.  There are colorful ofertas of familiar and unfamiliar products (it is in Puerto Rico).  But the site also includes TV commercials, recipes and overviews of the various departments.

"A Fuego Lento" con Koldo Royo
Cooking show out of Spain is now a magazine with lots of recipes and culinary information.

Please note: You can find a school menu out of Argentina at the Columbia school on the School page.

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