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Restaurants  – Spanish

Please note: Information on food, groceries and nutrition appears on the Food page.

Casa Frameworks: Cenamos en Perú
1 day activity
Students explore Peruvian cuisine. 
• Please download the companion worksheet which includes websites.

Brujas de cachiche, El señorio de sulco, La marea, El mordisco
These four Peruvian restaurants are colorful websites with a variety of menu information and pictures.  They serve as the basis for the above exploratory activity which builds to an in class restaurant skit. (These sites are used in the above activity.)

Caballo Bayo 
This restaurant out of Mexico is quite flashy with rich content. The site has changed somewhat, and prices are less obvious.

Solo Empanadas  
This very Flashy site out of Argentina is interesting on many levels.  It's eye-catching with lots of features for students to explore, including specials, menu items and a store locator - not to mention a Revolutionary pricing guarantee.  (Note: The Ecuadoran site has more English sprinkled in it.)

Los Cochinitos (Mexico)
This website may require a little patience and a Refresh or two.  An unsurprising menu given the name. New Flash descriptions are almost too interactive. The Java menu is a bit irritating but the graphics and the taco history are pretty entertaining. (Read on for La Etiqueta del Taco). No price information.

Restaurante Arroyo   
While there are no prices at this website, the other content is still very good.  The site features an illustrated menu, photo gallery and virtual tours.  Worth a look.

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