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Health – Spanish


5 X Día  
This Mexican campaign to encourage five fruits and veggies a day has descriptions that may be of use.  The online games and parent/teacher activities are aimed at very young children but the background articles, recipes and vocabulary could be used at higher levels.

Created by the Feds, this is a very rich site dealing with nutrition using the Food Pyramid.  The resources are excellent, including a video in Spanish that explains the Food Pyramid and downloadable worksheets/food journals.

Collection of articles on health issues. Weekly issues change, but there is a nice archive of health-related topics. Don't be scared off by English titles; the articles are in Spanish. I especially liked the (now out of date) Food Pyramid and an article on weight and health.
Spanish version of the website by "The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign."

Club 10  
This website for a health club in Mexico features descriptions of the services they offer and include fitness goals and descriptions for their youth programs.

3/5/07 This site is being worked on.  Currently, the class descriptions aren't there.  The club information still is.
Health club in Chile.  Pick a club from the drop down menu and for most of the clubs you'll get a tour of the club including classes offered (descriptions in Spanish), instructor bios, prices and schedules.

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