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A word of clarification...  I think there is a great amount of learning that can be done via these links and there are rich opportunities for interdisciplinary connections on many of these sites.  My reason for parking them in this category is that I've yet to design activities to exploit the specific content here.  Meanwhile, they are entertaining to peruse just for fun.  

This new Casa Fave has delightful educational activities. They are designed for little kids and have great content and slick design.

I've only begun to explore this portal for kids 3 - 12. (Even so, it's a new Casa Fave.) It has everything from activities to jokes and wonderful stories.

Exploratorium: Spanish
The Exploratorium is an interactive site with a focus on science. They have recently made their online explorations available in other languages. You'll find puzzles and optical illusions with Spanish instructions and explanations. 

Dulces Vero
This site for a Mexican candy company features games, printable worksheets, e-cards and other interactive features.  The fábrica lets you design your own candy - with or without chili.

Decorador Virtual
Sadly, this site is missing as of 4/1/07.  It is archived in the Way Back Machine, but the .swf file that allowed you to create the room layouts is missing.  I'm leaving it here in hopes my email pleas for its return are answered.

Museo de los Niños Abasto
This very elaborate website will make you jealous that you can't get to the museum yourself.  Explore the fotos.

Cartoon Network: Latin America
This fun site to explore includes games among other fun things.

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